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Let Mary Guide You !

Have you ever wanted to be the person that could walk in a room and feel comfortable? To walk around saying hello to everyone, and light up the room?

Do you know what to say?

How to act?

How to stand?

It's the little things that make the difference when you're making a first impression and meeting people.

If you could be that person, how would it change your job? Your career? And your life?

Looking for something more unique?

We have VIP days for those of you who want the more personal version and hands on working together with Mary.

What Comes in My Training?

8 Workshops with Value Audio Content

Learning how to be likeable and approachable is imperative in order to have an online business, do business development, own your own business, or by doing sales or being a brand ambassador.

These workshops will take you out of your normal way of being and help you to become the person you want to be! Imagine if you are the one people ask about -"Who is SHE?" or they say to themselves, "why is the energy around THAT person?"

In order to BE that person, you'll have to know the strategies behind them.

That is what these workshops are about!



This beautiful workbook is a full 68-page workbook with journal exercises designed for you so you can explore your own communication style and understand the stories in your life that are life-changing, teachable moments and places where you can expand your growth.

By exploring and writing your answers, you will be able to set goals to move towards the fulfilling path you want. No more fear!

No more sitting on the sidelines!

Take control of your life and move forward!

Up to the Moment Suggested Activities

Being ready to enter back into the world of meeting people and engaging with them on a regular basis can be intimidating. There is nothing more embarrassing than sitting on the sidelines of a conversation when others are yacking it up and you're standing there quiet as a mouse!

Or, worse, being in a meeting where you should be showing your strength, your wisdom to exert your leadership and influence but you have nothing to say.

You're branded as VANILLA, and DULL, and just not a player. Get back in the game with these workshops to bring your whole self to the game!

Grab ahold of your new life now!

With over 3 hours of content that will be life-changing to you in your networking, meeting people, and influence!

The 8 workshops are:

  • How to talk with anyone about anything

  • The fine art of conversation (Part 1)

  • The fine art of conversation (Part 2)

  • How to create authentic conversations

  • How to Mingle and Work a Room

  • Finding and Nurturing Friends

  • Create a Dynamic SIzzle (elevator) Speech

  • The Art of the Toast

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